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Fi Funnies

This blog adventurette would be lots better with a photograph.
Alas, I did not take my camera into the bathtub.

It was chilly this morning, and I decided to have a decadent start to the day — a steaming mug of coffee along with a steaming bubble bath.  Oh, and some Joan Baez playing on my iPad.  Without my doggie, Fiona — who wants to either 1) be in the water with me, or 2) hang over the side of the tub licking bubbles.

So, I sneaked into the bathroom and shut the door firmly, while Fiona and her buddy, Julia CaesarCat, were finishing breakfast.

It was not long into my reverie that I heard the sniveling begin outside the bathroom door.  Fiona whining.  Caesar scratching on the door and meowerk-ing.  (That’s what her meows sound like — “meowerk” .)   I tuned my hums to Joan’s lively rendition of “Stewball” and tried to sink further into the bubbles.

Whining and scratching turned into cat howls and the occasional doggie yip, so I tried cajoling them through the closed door — calling out kind-sounding words that I hoped would send them away.  All grew quiet.  Then … I heard another sound.  I looked at the closed door and saw a strange pink “creature” slithering back and forth under the edge of the door!  Yikes!

It was Fiona’s tongue.  She expresses herself with what I call LickyLove, and she was reaching under the bathroom door to me with her tongue.  I decided that bath time was over, got out of the tub and opened the door to my two best friends — who were ecstatic to see me after a long absence of about 15 minutes.