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Muggy Monday in Montreal

Enter hereHumider than Houston. Hotter than Hades. Hoping for some projected thunderstorms to ease the heat. Who wooda thunk that Canada could be so hot…or so big.

When it became clear that it was really too mizza-bul to walk around Vieux Montreal for several days, I came on the idea that we should rent a car and drive up to Hudson Bay! Quelle Bonne idea, as they say in Paris. And on our map, the Hudson Bay was only about 2.25-inches. Give ‘er take. Hmmm. Discovered incidentally that Canada is bigger than Texas…and Hudson Bay is about 1,000 miles away. And guess what? There are no real roads there!

So, we are going to plan B. A double-decker photo bus tour of the city (complete with parapluie if it does pluie today). And a visit to the Hudson Bay Company, which is a large department store chain in Canada. Visits to the Yukon Territory and other adventures will have to wait for another time.

Last night we supped in a marvy little place — Vieux Port Restaurant. Alberta Angus was on honey’s plate, while I had a heap of the cutest little lamb choppers you have ever seen! With handles!! Just darling. And pommes frites. All washed down with vino de Espagne — something like Tampernillo. I know it sounded like something you would call a cigar, but it was delicious. And I must admit that the Canadiens do know how to cook a good cow.