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O! Canada!

All the comforts of home, minus the catsAnd so, we are off to the Northlands ‘tootie sweetie’, as Franklin D. Roosevelt used to say. And that translates roughly to ‘right away’. Our headquarters will be at Auberge Place de la Royale in Old Montreal near the Port, in this groovy old hotel (auberge) just chock full of l’histoire and charged up with hi-speed wifi.

I can hardly wait to rent a bicycle (or two) and race around the docks area looking at the ships and/or boats. The trick will be riding the bike and speaking French at the same time! “Donnez moi un croissant, s’il vous plait!“—and that’s only because I don’t think they have Krispy Kremes that far north.

The next posting you read will be from the Northlands…