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Maggie, the Black-nosed ‘Reindear’


Christmas Memories: The smartest and most loved Australian Cattle Dog you could ever know — our Maggie. A special photo of her in Christmas costume — patiently waiting to lick the beaters all sticky with cookie dough!

Special Christmas Decorations


Black Gabriel came to live with us around Christmas time in 1996.
He was an enigma. Like an Egyptian carving.
Almost an exact replica of Le Chat Noir by Lautrec.

Nuthin’ prettier


Than my doggie’s fur.

Goodbye, old friend …

Stephen Paul Turco  (1942-2012)
Our old Army buddy and Ron’s platoon leader from Fort Hood, Texas. He reminded us often that he was Italian and that he was from Nebraska, two things he was most proud of.

Found this marvelous portrait of Steve on his daughter's Facebook page.

Found this marvelous portrait of Steve on his daughter’s Facebook page.

Fond Memories

  • Typing Steve’s resume when he was leaving the Army after Viet Nam and returning to civilian life.  He had an old portable typewriter that he brought to our house for me to work on.  After a zillion typings, the project was complete to his satisfaction — and Steve took me out to dinner at the Officers’ Club.  While we were out, my dear tomcat (Barney) saw fit to spray the typewriter.  For 20 years after that, Steve never let me forget!
  • Driving to Fremont, MI to surprise Steve on the morning of his 50th birthday party — when the Merrill family hosted a big brat cook-off for him at their home.  Steve celebrated by firing off his miniature cannon, much to the neighbors’ chagrin.
  • Doing the ‘Duval Crawl’ with Ron in Steve’s chopper.  We flew low over downtown Key West and then out over the ocean.  Ron and Steve spied sharks in the water, so Steve turned the chopper on it’s side so I could look out the open door easier!!  Scared me to death!
Steve turns 50 in Fremont, MI

Steve turns 50 in Fremont, MI

A 25-year resident of Key West, Steve Turco died Monday, Nov. 19, 2012. He was born in 1942 in Omaha, Neb., and grew up in Ogallala. Steve graduated from the University of Nebraska, and served in Vietnam as captain with the 1st Cavalry of the Army. He was a decorated combat helicopter pilot.  [continue reading…]

She had a farm in Africa …

Well, ok.  It is not really in Africa — it just over the Georgia line in South Carolina. And on this farm she has some chicks — eee eye eee eye oh!  Meet one of them:

These feathers belong to Earl, who is a Yankee Chicken — Rhode Island Red.  We were hoping that he would accidentally shed some of these tail plumes for a collection of ephemera; alas, it was not to be.

Next, we shall meet Star, whose full name is Star Light.  She was busy eating dinner when this shot was snapped.

[continue reading…]