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Les Arts

Domingo por la Mañana

Sunday Morning. No Mass today. Sad that we cannot experience the comfort of a pew, the energy of the music, or the peace of the liturgy at a time like this.

Postcards make staying home fun

I totally love getting postcards. They are a sometimes trite communication: Having a great time. Wish you were here. That does not matter at all! It’s about the fun of

“Ute Chief Blanket” (mine now)

By David Gary Suazo, Taos Mixed media, including acrylics, Rembrandt oils and oil acrylics. On kiln-dried cedar. Sand from Taos Mountain is etched into the board.

Little Stories …

A marvelous sojourn at the John C. Campbell Folkschool introduced Lucy to Artist Trading Cards. “ATC’s”, as our instructor (the talented Debbie Ogle

Artist Trading Cards – continued

Cowboy The Fagans were cowboys, one and all. It was their way of life. Khakis and Levis were the uniform of the day, with clean and excrutiatingly starched ones for Sundays and holidays. Art parts include: Snips from notecards with photography produced by Robb Kendrick. Encyclopedia definition of a cowboy. Under the Stars Cowboy (and [...]