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Maggie, the Black-nosed ‘Reindear’

Christmas Memories: The smartest and most loved Australian Cattle Dog you could ever know — our Maggie. A special photo of her in Christmas costume — patiently waiting to lick the beaters all sticky with cookie dough!

Special Christmas Decorations

Black Gabriel came to live with us around Christmas time in 1996. He was an enigma. Like an Egyptian carving. Almost an exact replica of Le Chat Noir by Lautrec.

Nuthin’ prettier

Than my doggie’s fur.

She had a farm in Africa …

Well, ok.  It is not really in Africa — it just over the Georgia line in South Carolina. And on this farm she has some chicks — eee eye eee eye oh!  Meet one of them: These feathers belong to Earl, who is a Yankee Chicken — Rhode Island Red.  We were hoping that he […]

So darned cute! Can’t resist posting!

Today’s funniest pet photo … direct from my garage!  You see — this is Fiona’s favorite chair from my office!  It’s going to the designers to be slipcovered!  Alas, I should have found a way to explain this to Fiona earlier, but did not.  And so, she’s determined to sit in her chair — no […]

Wild and Crazy!

Meet Debra   She’s pretty close to a soul mate, even though I am almost as old as her mother.  I’d like to know how many miles we have been together, in the past 25+ years that I have known her (yeah, she’s 50 now!).  From New York to Santa Fe (where she cornered the […]

Hondo at Mossy Creek

Cemetery(s) 3 – Hondo 0 Meet Cleve Smith and his lovely wife, Alma, who live in New Market, TN!  So how did they end up on the itinerary of Hondo’s visit to Georgia? Well, the story commenced about 146 years ago during the Civil War! Lucy’s research of the Christmas 1863 battle at Mossy Creek […]

Legend in his own Thyme

Sunday morning goin’ down … Against a backdrop of the Texas Revolution war map and a colorful stand of prickly pear cactus, Luke smiles at the photographer! Sporting an authentic Hondo Slade shirt and warmed by many cups of Hawaiian coffee, he’s about ready to tackle another day of exploring in Georgia and listening to […]

Alice’s Journey

On Thanksgiving morning in 2008, I said goodbye to a special friend of more than 19 years … my darling Alice Wanda. Alice was a tiny little mouse-like critter when I adopted her in Indianapolis.  Her Siamese mother had died before the kittens were weaned, and Alice was struggling for life.  She moved into my […]

Remember when …

Well, ok — so this is not really a school chum.  It certainly is/was the place where we school chums hung out on weekends!  The old menu brought back many memories … The curb service area was two rows of cars parked side by side.  To cruise the K-ral, one would drive behind the rows […]

Starting with the Z’s

My old school chum, Chic, found a princess bride and lived a short lifetime of magic with this lovely woman.  I have come to know her in the stories that Chic tells — about Kay starting life in a Dublin, Ireland orphanage.  Living in Saudia Arabia (and around the world) with adoptive parents.  Enjoying the […]