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Maggie, the Black-nosed ‘Reindear’


Christmas Memories: The smartest and most loved Australian Cattle Dog you could ever know — our Maggie. A special photo of her in Christmas costume — patiently waiting to lick the beaters all sticky with cookie dough!

Special Christmas Decorations


Black Gabriel came to live with us around Christmas time in 1996.
He was an enigma. Like an Egyptian carving.
Almost an exact replica of Le Chat Noir by Lautrec.

Nuthin’ prettier


Than my doggie’s fur.

She had a farm in Africa …

Well, ok.  It is not really in Africa — it just over the Georgia line in South Carolina. And on this farm she has some chicks — eee eye eee eye oh!  Meet one of them:

These feathers belong to Earl, who is a Yankee Chicken — Rhode Island Red.  We were hoping that he would accidentally shed some of these tail plumes for a collection of ephemera; alas, it was not to be.

Next, we shall meet Star, whose full name is Star Light.  She was busy eating dinner when this shot was snapped.

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So darned cute! Can’t resist posting!

Today’s funniest pet photo … direct from my garage!  You see — this is Fiona’s favorite chair from my office!  It’s going to the designers to be slipcovered!  Alas, I should have found a way to explain this to Fiona earlier, but did not.  And so, she’s determined to sit in her chair — no matter where it’s going!

What a really smart doggie!?  
Gotta love her!