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Deep Thoughts

A friend (not a pal, but a friend) recently related to me that his men’s group had been discussing what the criteria might be for a good President. Given that this issue is filling our news these days, I began to ponder the topic. So far, I have collected these thoughts following …

“Trust and Obey”
Faith. Reverence.

Onward Christian Soldiers.
Service in the military or firsthand knowledge of soldier (father/son).

Patience of Job. Humility of George Washington.
Honest and trustworthy.

Required reading: Common Sense, The Federalist Papers, Democracy in America.
History of the United States.
The Roosevelts. John Q. Adams.
Declaration of Independence. The Constitution.
Student of western civilization studies.

Will be able to earn respect by being respectful of women, other nationalities and cultures, all religious traditions, the opinions of adversaries. Will honor family and the institution of marriage.


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