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Adventures in WanderLand


After lots of research (watching Monarch of the Glen and reading Outlanders) and much preparation (new luggage, rain sloggers, guide books and more), we are ready for the long-awaited journey abroad. Bon Voyage gifts are rolling in (thanks to PeaKay and Linda!), airport shuttle is reserved (thanks to George!), house-sitter is ready to move in (thanks to Sue!), Fiona’s own holiday is planned (thanks to Lynn, Sally and Mikee) — it’s time!

First stop: London. See one of Queenie’s houses (Kensington Palace), have tea (ugh!) and biscuits, ride the double-decker red buses, shop at Harrod’s! The Brits will be celebrating our arrival with bonfires and fireworks, as it happens to coincide with Guy Fawkes Day celebrations.

Next: Hop the train for Edinburgh. We’ll see another one of Queenie’s houses (Holyrood), shop at Grassmarket, pub hop to sample the local brew, and enjoy a special day trip to Rosslyn Chapel with friends!

Then: Up to the Highlands we go, for a week’s stay in our own apartment at a country estate.  Stag stalking and fly fishing with a ghillie could be on the schedule. Eat world famous fish ‘n chips, tour every distillery we pass, shop for tartan, tweed and paisley! Enjoy tatties; avoid neeps. Remember that dessert is called pudding. Pounds are what you spend, not what your suitcase weighs.

There’s more.
Stay tuned for our travelog and photographs.