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Blowing in the wind

Jeans with blank paper price tag

I love the Louie L’Amour novel, “Conagher”. Or was it that I loved the movie of the same name starring that rascal, Sam Elliott? Wrap those both up with Red Steagall’s song, “Red River Rose” — and I think you have the beginnings of a blog. I’ll tell you why.

Red sings of finding a note tied with ribbon to a rolling tumbleweed on a fence line north of Estelline. Lines that were written in a fair woman’s hand told of her life and the loss of her man. It’s her heart and her hopes she has cast in the wind …

The woman in the story is unbearable lonely. She collects scraps of paper, sets down a thought or two, ties it to a tumbleweed with blue string — and sets the tumbleweed free to blow across the plains in the wind.

Blog posts are like that. A silent blog published under a pen name. Thoughts posted on scraps of virtual paper, tied with ribbon and flung into cyberspace. Only one difference. Raindrops will hide the stain of tears on the paper notes.