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Creekside Tree House


The path starts here at the Hammock Deck. And it will wind down the hill and through the trees to an observation deck over Little Rio Bravo. Something I have imagined for at least 28 years. Yep, it’s happening today … right before my very eyes.


Here’s the view of the path from atop the little bridge over Mill Stream. It’s taking the long way down because the hillside is so steep.


Ibraheem is standing where the steps may be dug into the hillside, making the final descent to the deck surface. The coyote fence will move — two large trees (marked by the orange lines) will anchor the deck on either side. They are literally growing out of the cliff at the creek. The brown surface indicates roughly where the deck will be situated.


This is the jungle that will be cut down for the deck area! There’s a large rhododendron growing out of the cliff that must be 50 years old or more. Sadly, it will have to go — but the creek is lined with these huge plants, so it will not really be missed.