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  • “We” (the lovely Fiona) have discovered a soft spot in the earth at the base of a large oak tree, and we have been spending much time there digging our way to China.
  • We have discovered a hole in the wall where cats disappear!  We followed them and ended up in the same place where the car is!  How did that happen?  How do we get out?
  • We have discovered another hole in the hallway wall where cats disappear.  We followed them and ended up back in the garage again!  Yikes! What a mystery!  Getting out is easy now — we just howl.
  • We have discovered a chick monkey nest just under the swimming pool deck.  We also discovered that chick monkey’s are too fast for us to chase, alas.
  • We have discovered a great game, whereby we remove all of our toys from the basket, Mom puts them back, we remove them, Mom puts them back.  It has no ending.
  • We have discovered the bliss of sleeping on an old sheepskin rug.  When Mom takes it back to the basement, we patiently drag it back to her office.