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Domingo por la Mañana

Sunday Morning.
No Mass today. Sad that we cannot experience the comfort of a pew, the energy of the music, or the peace of the liturgy at a time like this. Quarantined. Isolated. Etcetera.

However … in the woods outside my door, a little titmouse is repeatedly calling, “Peter – Peter – Peter!” Perhaps her song will stand in the stead of a choir this morning. She may likely be calling on St. Peter, the “rock” of our Church, to intercede for us. Her chirping is urgent, as are our prayers for an end to the pandemic.

The creek is noisy, also. Rushing down the hill under fallen limbs and over rocks to the spot where it suddenly makes a bend below my little deck. When I am sitting on the deck that Ibraheem built, listening to the creek and enjoying the woods — I think that truly “my cup runneth over”, in spite of the raging storm in our world right now. The blessing of good friends and the beauty of the woods is my chapel. Nay — it’s my cathedral.

Peace be with you on this Sunday morning.

Artwork: Flat slab clay on wood. Embellished with matchsticks, seashells, pebbles, beads, watercolours, printer materials, and more.

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