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Ni Hiki No Usagi

May 23, 2009
That’s two rabbits in Japanese.  Or pretty close, anyway. I learned it from an elderly Japanese Architect who worked with me in Honolulu.

Long story … but I found out in the course of our friendship that the Japanese do not pluralize by adding an ‘s’.  They are very precise.  Specific in the numbers.  Not just rabbits, but two rabbits or four rabbits.  And of course, two rabbits will make four rabbits (and more).

I have been watching two rabbits at play in the early evenings, hopping around in the tall grass of an all-but-abandoned house near me.  Each time I see them, I remember with great fondness the kindly Japanese man who touched my life in Hawaii.

June 2, 2020
Fast forward about 10 years:
A young couple has bought the abandoned house next door! They are breathing new life into it, for which Fiona and I are so grateful. And who knew — but the young wife is of Japanese descent! They are building a small structure beside their koi pond (across the fence from my plebeian gold fish pond — and it’s for her bunnies! Three bunnies!

So, today I learned san biki no usagi. Three rabbits.
Joy to the world!