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Fi for Fi-erce

My fierce watchdog ... alert and on watch

My fierce watchdog … alert and on watch

As you can see, Fi is exhausted, catching a nap on the sofa of Mom’s office.  We discovered a nest of mice under the firepit deck, and brought the dead ones to Mom in her office, one by one.  This was after we chewed up a carved coconut that Mom brought from her home in Hawaii many years ago.

It was a tiring morning.  All doggie dollies were moved outside to the deck for play, only to be carried in again when rain started — she is very organized, keeping all of her toys in ONE spot, either inside or outside in a large heap.

During the rain storm, Fiona and cats became well acquainted, as they were forced to stay inside all day.  The big cats cornered her in the breakfast room (they are 20 lb dudes), just being curious — and Fi set up a howl from behind the rocking chair to be rescued!  (Did I say fierce?)

Miss Fi had to rest up for a trip to Starbucks where she has a cup of whipped cream (and even eats the cup!).  After Starbucks, Fi gets a run in the park where she chases an old tennis ball.  Luckily, it will be bedtime soon!