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For Snowbound Texians

Smokey Cornbread with Comino Butter

1 tsp comino seed
1tsp+ Anejo tequila
1/2 cup softened [real] butter
squirt of fresh lime juice

Cook several slices of bacon in a skillet until crispy and remove it.  Make cornbread, using the bacon drippings instead of normally called for butter, and bake it.  I know — that’s gross.  Do it anyway, because it tastes soooooo good.  (Note:  make sure that the bacon drippings equal the amount of melted butter called for in your cornbread recipe.)

In a small dry skillet, toast the comino seeds until they are fragrant, and then grind them with a mortar and pestle.  Mix them into the butter with tequila and lime juice.

Obviously, serve the butter with the cornbread!  If there is extra tequila, it goes over ice — it will warm you up about as nicely as the cornbread will!