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Postcards make staying home fun


I totally love getting postcards. They are a sometimes trite communication: Having a great time. Wish you were here. That does not matter at all! It’s about the fun of flipping down the door of my old metal mailbox and seeing postcards on the stack of [junk] mail. Who from? Friends who have been hounded by my usual request: Send postcards!

My pal Lynn is the absolute Most Faithful Postcard Sender in the world. In fact, she is so diligent about it that I have on occasion received the same postcard twice! No matter; all of them go into the cache boxes and baskets reserved for my collections. Sometimes they are sorted by sender. Those from a beloved cowboy Out West are stacked in a Roy Rogers “Happy Trails” metal lunchbox. Some from another special person are packed into a fragrant box from Paris that once held L’Occitane soaps. There are postcards from my late father, from an old ski buddy in Colorado, cousins in Arkansas, old Army friends, and more.

How wonderful to know where they have all been … and to ponder on the number of miles postcards have traveled from all over the world to my very own mailbox.

Artwork cropped from a photo of collage technique learned
in a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School several years ago.
Medium: Original watercolour, digital prints, art papers & foils.
Lucy’s personal collection.