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Remember the Alamo!

It’s been 176 years since the Mexicans scaled the walls of the Alamo in San Antonio, bringing death to about 186 Defenders.

On this early morning in Georgia, I am remembering the Alamo story, as I do every year.  It’s a story that I love hearing — that I cherish every detail of.  Each year on February 23 (day one of the 13 day siege), I commence some commemorative reading about the event.  This year, I chose Gary Zaboly’s “An Altar for their Sons“, an absorbing collection of items published roughly during the period of the Texas Revolution.

Rising early, I like to have coffee in the pre-dawn, listening for the sounds of Santa Anna’s soldiers approaching the walls.

This evening, a quiet dinner will bring a close to this thoughtful day.  A steaming bowl of chile con carne, made with buffalo and lots of ancho peppers — that seems appropriate.  With a slab of cornbread spread with comino butter laced with tequila and lime.

Along with this bottle of Mission San Antonio De Valero Cabernet Sauvignon.