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Remember when …


Clipped from the Victoria Advocate published on September 27, 1966

Well, ok — so this is not really a school chum.  It certainly is/was the place where we school chums hung out on weekends!  The old menu brought back many memories …

The curb service area was two rows of cars parked side by side.  To cruise the K-ral, one would drive behind the rows and then around in front of them — being seen!  For young folks with lots of energy and spunk, I do not understand what the fascination was for us to sit at the Corral sipping sodas from a paper cup and watching cars circle.

Even more amazing to me are the prices of days gone by.  It appears that a family of 3-4 could eat a nice barbeque dinner for about $2.95.  Today, that hardly pays for a bottle of barbeque sauce from the supermarket.