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Settling in

In the solarium with Gabe

In the solarium with Gabe

It’s exhausting being the new kid on the block, especially here on the hill where there is another doggie and four+ cats (if you count the wooden ones, the clay sculpture, the stuffed toy, the painting of a chat noir, plus those that appear behind you in the mirrors).  All efforts to get Gabe up from his nap for a romp were unsuccessful, and Fiona is terribly dejected.

Cough is easing up, as antibiotics are doing their work.  Lamb stew in small bowls about 8 times a day are slowly making Fi’s ribs disappear.

The  living room is strewn with every toy that had long languished in the old basket from Mag’s puppy days — and even cat toys are taking a beating.  Fi has patiently ripped all feathers off several catnip birdies and chewed them into something unrecognizable.  She’s very organized!  Carefully moving all of her toys around with her, from the living room down to the theatre area on the cowhide rug, and then back up again.