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Whose woods these are …


I know for sure that these are my woods … though not today’s scene.
Maybe as they will be in tomorrow’s forecast snow storm??

Living on a hill in the woods is mostly fun. There’s a creek hidden at the bottom of this ridge, behind the snowy rhododendrons. It’s a metro thoroughfare for coyotes, urban deer, raccoons, and the occasional fox.  Tall trees are home to “my” hawk, Harriet and “my” owl, Hortensia.  The understory hides bunnies and a gazillion chipmunks. (Chickmonkeys, as my Brazilian housekeeper used to say!)

When it snows here in the woods, the ground beneath the trees becomes like a blank white page. Watching from the windows of my solarium, high upon the hillside, I can see a story being written on the page — by animal feet! Foraging, playing and chasing, and the occasional conquest.