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Still struggling
Such a sick puppy.  She makes a little progress towards recovery, but then collapses in exhaustion for hours of troubled
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Settling in
It’s exhausting being the new kid on the block, especially here on the hill where there is another doggie and
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There are four black cats (five, counting this one) who abide here on the hill.  Imagine Fiona’s frustration as she
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It’s in her Jeans!
OK, I meant genes! Last night, I left little Fi sleeping on the cowhide rug with a nice cowboy moving
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Doggie Disaster
Our Fiona is very sick.  She was diagnosed with an advanced state of ‘kennel cough’, dehydration, and the first stages
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The new Fi
This is Fiona. She’s come to herd at our house on the hill. We rescued her from a shelter where
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