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  • “We” (the lovely Fiona) have discovered a soft spot in the earth at the base of a large oak tree, and we have been spending much time there digging our way to China.
  • We have discovered a hole in the wall where cats disappear!  We followed them and ended up in the same place where the car is!  How did that happen?  How do we get out?
  • We have discovered another hole in the hallway wall where cats disappear.  We followed them and ended up back in the garage again!  Yikes! What a mystery!  Getting out is easy now — we just howl.
  • We have discovered a chick monkey nest just under the swimming pool deck.  We also discovered that chick monkey’s are too fast for us to chase, alas.
  • We have discovered a great game, whereby we remove all of our toys from the basket, Mom puts them back, we remove them, Mom puts them back.  It has no ending.
  • We have discovered the bliss of sleeping on an old sheepskin rug.  When Mom takes it back to the basement, we patiently drag it back to her office.

Still struggling

Such a sick puppy.  She makes a little progress towards recovery, but then collapses in exhaustion for hours of troubled sleep.  Fiona cries in her sleep — whimpers and twitches.  So sad.

Too tired to move

Too tired to move

Settling in

In the solarium with Gabe

In the solarium with Gabe

It’s exhausting being the new kid on the block, especially here on the hill where there is another doggie and four+ cats (if you count the wooden ones, the clay sculpture, the stuffed toy, the painting of a chat noir, plus those that appear behind you in the mirrors).  All efforts to get Gabe up from his nap for a romp were unsuccessful, and Fiona is terribly dejected.

Cough is easing up, as antibiotics are doing their work.  Lamb stew in small bowls about 8 times a day are slowly making Fi’s ribs disappear.

The  living room is strewn with every toy that had long languished in the old basket from Mag’s puppy days — and even cat toys are taking a beating.  Fi has patiently ripped all feathers off several catnip birdies and chewed them into something unrecognizable.  She’s very organized!  Carefully moving all of her toys around with her, from the living room down to the theatre area on the cowhide rug, and then back up again.



Patiently accepting

There are four black cats (five, counting this one) who abide here on the hill.  Imagine Fiona’s frustration as she kept encountering them during her first hours here with us!

Little Caesar was very curious and ventured through the woods to greet Fi first, inching down the cypress mulch path and through the ivy for a good look.  Their meeting became too “interactive” for CeeZee, who ultimately fled across the bridge and into the bedroom window.

Maxwell refused to be herded or frightened, but stalked away from Fi’s barking in a disgusted manner.  Likewise, brother Harley.

Gabriel has been through many new aquisitions in his nearly thirteen years here, so a polite yawn was about all he could muster for Fi’s frantic barks.

All cats scattered for the night, leaving Mom to deal with Fi’s explorations during the dark hours.  All, except one.  And Fiona managed to corner this one in the bathroom about 2am, setting up a howl that would have done even ole Charlie (the DailyCoyote.net) proud.

Yep, my brave little watchdog cornered the holder for extra rolls of toilet papers.

It’s in her Jeans!

bushOK, I meant genes!

Last night, I left little Fi sleeping on the cowhide rug with a nice cowboy moving playing on the screen.  Went into the kitchen for a wee snack.  The absolute minute my back was turned, Fiona awoke from her “deep sleep”, climbed onto the sofa, and slurped a couple of good glugs from my Irish Whiskey.

Reminds me of the Sneaky Snake song by Tom T. Hall.

Well, Sneaky Snake drinks root beer, and he just makes me sick
When he is not dancin’, he looks just like a stick
Now, he doesn’t have any arms or legs, you cannot see his ears
And while we are not lookin’, he’s stealin’ all of our beer