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It’s not about Lucy …

She exists now only in my imagination.
Lucy could be a mental compilation of the pioneer women of my heritage.

Katy Caldwell Windsor (1897-2000) who homesteaded with her young husband in the desert country of  New Mexico and Arizona;
Sylvia Rogers Caldwell (1899-1998) who was born in Indian Territory and married a cowboy-turned-wildcatter;
Elizabeth James Caldwell (1799-1873) who braved the Civil War alone on her farm in the north Georgia mountains;
Elen Fox Fagan (1826-1903) who carried on as a South Texas stockraiser after being widowed at a young age;
and Lucy Fagan DuBois  (1874-1931) who ranched with her daughters on the Old San Antonio River Road in South Texas.

“Lucy” is about courage, perseverance, diversity and character.

Lost & Found

A distant cousin was recently at the old Fagan ranch on the San Antonio River. Most gatherings there now are to bury our kin, and this was such an occasion.

Thanks, Erma

Stop sweating the small stuff. Don’t worry about who doesn’t like you. Instead, cherish relationships we have with those who love us.

Ni Hiki No Usagi

Updated from May 2009. San biki no usagi and joy to the world! What could these words possibly have in common? Read more to find out.

Domingo por la Mañana

Sunday Morning. No Mass today. Sad that we cannot experience the comfort of a pew, the energy of the music, or the peace of the liturgy at a time like this.

The Kalmar Nyckel (a ship)

A Tall Ship of Delaware. This is a replica of the Swedish ship which brought the first permanent European settlers to the banks of the Christina River in 1638.

Finally: Swedes!

Olof Persson Stillé was born in 1610 on this lovely estate [Penningsby Manor/Castle in Ruslagen, Sweden] where his father had a position of some importance.

Sweeping Fun

All through the Christmas season,  I saw advertisements for the most phenomenal and outrageous toys for kids. Many of them had to be charged up or plugged in!

Kitty Feet in the Sand

Dry bed just south of the Rio Puerco. North of Abiquiu, New Mexico. Apache country.  The bumpy little dirt road beside this creek bed is one of my favorite

Christmas Inside Out

Growing up in Texas, the Christmas holidays were a grand adventure, as I remember. The Christmas tree always went up on my birthday in December.

Tidbits Unearthed

It’s always so interesting to open up Ancestry.com on a Sunday morning and find some new record hint attached to an ancestor.

A cup of coffee

I think I have a new friend. Our paths crossed as a result of a mutual client, and we elected to meet for coffee and get to know one another.

May and Edward VIII

It’s a mouthful and definitely a fascinating story — or two, or three. Let’s begin with a forgotten seamstress in London more than a century ago …