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It’s not about Lucy …

She exists now only in my imagination. 
Lucy could be a mental compilation of the pioneer women of my heritage.

Katy Caldwell Windsor (1897-2000) who homesteaded with her young husband in the desert country of  New Mexico and Arizona;
Sylvia Rogers Caldwell (1899-1998) who was born in Indian Territory and married a cowboy-turned-wildcatter;
Elizabeth James Caldwell (1799-1873) who braved the Civil War alone on her farm in the north Georgia mountains;
Elen Fox Fagan (1826-1903) who carried on as a South Texas stockraiser after being widowed at a young age; 
and Lucy Fagan DuBois  (1874-1931) who ranched with her daughters on the Old San Antonio River Road in South Texas.

“Lucy” is about courage, perseverance, diversity and character.

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